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With Cobb’s / CARB Anti-Tampering initiative to their dealers, the release of the V400 OTS mapping, and Cobb’s newly revised exhaust products, we are strictly adhering to Cobb Tuning’s CARB EO policy for ANY street driven car. This means no toggle switches can be modified in tuning, such as modified emissions controlled devices. This also means you must adhere to Cobb’s v400 map policy using their new downpipe to not have a CEL. If your car has a delete/defeat emissions device installed or missing emissions equipment that causes a (CEL), as-is this is not something that can be considered for tuning. Other modifications that do not interfere with emissions can be tuned.

With the push of green energy and electric initiative in the world, making vehicles compliant and use compliant Cobb parts for street use with a proper EO number is paramount. Many future-focused companies are working in this direction to keep our industry alive.

Here is an updated list of legal 50 state parts and growing: CLICK HERE

If your car is a race car, proof will need to be available (non-op registration/no plates) and sent via email prior for consideration of race only modifications. Details of what is needed can be found here: CLICK HERE

One of the most popular services is our E-Tuning service. Some people hear this term but aren’t exactly sure what it is. We would like to clarify what this service is, if it is for you and what should be expected from the customer and tuner.


E-Tuning is the art of tuning an automobile remotely, when the tuner is no where near the vehicle. This is commonly done through the Cobb Accessport, although there are other mediums in which you can accomplish this. We will email you a conservative “basemap” to start your datalogging from. A basemap is a safe starting point your specific vehicle and modification set, datalogging is done through the Accessport under specific conditions including idle, part throttle cruising and wide open throttle (WOT) pulls.


Once you pay for the e-tuning service, you will be asked questions in regards to your specific vehicle, modification set, Accessport information amongst other things. You will be sent a detailed instruction sheet as well and some items for you to sign. You should have a Windows or MAC based computer that is reliable throughout this process and setup with Cobb Accessport Manager Download AP Map manager here.

Once you reply with the requested information, read, understand and sign the directions, you can set your Accessport up to datalog the specific parameters noted. The basemap should be created and sent to you within 48 hours Monday through Friday. At this point you can load the basemap to the Accessport through AP Map manager and then load to the car. Following the datalogging guidelines, you can start with an idle datalog, part throttle cruise datalog and then WOT datalog. Once complete, plug the Accessport into your computer and save the data to your computer. Create an email chain which you will use throughout the process and send the 3 datalogs and your basemap to the BrenTuning team via e-mail. They will review the datalogs and send you back a revision which is a revised version of your basemap based off of the received data, this happens within 48 hours Monday through Friday. You will do the same process with this revision. This service will continue for 30 days or until the BrenTuning team has found a safe, powerful and most of all, reliable point to stop the process.

Future revisions and modification changes:

We are always loyal to our customers who decide to come back. As you know, modifying your car is fun and can become addicting, we do not expect you to pay the same rate as you did initially as a good portion of the process has already been started and honed in. We offer discounted rates for retuning customers with new modifications. Retunes start at $100 and go up from there pending what is being added. While some modifications are quick and easy, going from pump fuel to flex fuel is difficult and requires additional time/cost, pricing is tiered based off of this. Don’t forget, we always discount parts sales for existing and can ship anywhere worldwide!

Is this service for you?:

Many people get themselves into an e-tuning service and find out the car they thought was perfect and “just needed a tune”, in fact has mechanical issues which tuning cannot alleviate. If you are not comfortable trouble shooting, working through problems and diagnosing potential issues, this service is not for you. If you cannot follow instructions well, this service is not for you. If you do not trust your tuner and battle them and fight their notes and ideas, this service is not for you. Our primary goal is to give you a great product which is safe, fast and reliable, please help us do this by following instructions and listening to the tuner who has worked on and tuned hundreds and in some cases thousands of the same vehicle you have. We do not want to make you check for boost or vacuum leaks for fun, we do it so that you have a safe car.

Some modifications including methanol and flex fuel are expert level only, if you do not have the ability to work on your own vehicle or want to help yourself, please consider finding a local tuner where you can simply drop the car off and come back with a finished product. Dialing in flex fuel and methanol is tedious but is done successfully here multiple times per week. The customers who make this process simple and want to work with us and listen to our ideas end up with the best and most powerful cars.


What we expect out of a customer is simple — we want a car that is sorted of issues and problems prior to starting the tuning process. If you know you accidentally filled up with 87 octane 2 days ago, do not start the e-tuning process until you have fresh Shell V-power in the tank. If you know you have a giant boost leak that is getting fixed Friday, do not start the e-tuning process Tuesday. If your car has a check engine light, let the sales reps know BEFORE you purchase your e-tune. We expect you to understand that mechanical issues can arise, installs can be done wrong and can extend the timeline on this service, service is provided for 30 days, we can offer additional extended time for added cost.


– E-tuning service is for 30 days.
– E-tuning service is Monday through Friday
– Revisions can take up to 48 hours to receive, very rarely during holiday’s or extremely busy times it can be longer.
– Shell V-power fuel is our exclusive recommendation.
– Torco is a good octane booster if you have poor fuel quality.
– Phone support is limited during the e-tuning process and should only be used if all other channels have been exhausted.
– Do not email screen shots of the AP with Min/Max values, in particular fine/feedback knock. We need datalogs not short screen grabs of -1.4 feedback.


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