Dillon Gargano Dorchester, MA

Dillon Gargano Dorchester, MA 2021 – Man, what can I say about these guys? Certainly not enough to do them justice. I’ve already raved about them on other social medium outlets but I’m a small business guy and cannot stress enough how important it is to have local shops doing top notch work. Brought them my 2018 AMG E63s and they not only turned it into even more of a beast but did so in a responsible way that’s not going to break my car. They recommended changing out the spark plugs to fresh ones and gapping them tighter than factory spec to prevent misfires. The ONLY shop that has recommended I do this before tuning. lots of companies DM’d me about tuning my car claiming, power figures but NONE asked me the service history of the car or threw out the idea of preventative maintenance to dial in my car safely. The car is the fastest thing I’ve ever driven now and I feel confident in the work that was done. Dragy reports a 10.7@131 tune only. And the best part about all of this is the guys at Bren were genuinely excited about my car and continue to reach out and chat about future projects and tips and tricks moving forward. These guys are car enthusiasts, not just guys working on cars. If you’re in the New England area, or maybe even if you’re not, get your car down to BT Garage. Get it done the right way!!

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